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This page was updated on 16th September 2013.


Registration of Archives by Editors is the method of funding the software. Readers use the system without cost, unless Editors charge for the distribution of their Archive Files.

Registration costs 12.00 GBPounds. This is a once only fee for each Archive that is Registered.
Complete the Application Form if interested.

This provides for:
  a unique Archive Registration Number.
  authorisation code to activate the Editor functions in the software.
  access to additional software.

When you receive your Authorisation Code you can complete the Editor Details screen in the Software. The name and chosen contact details of the Archive Editor are embodied in every Data File created, and this is available to be read with the Software by any person that gets a copy of your Archive Files. Editor Details in the Archive Data File (.mia extension) can include a full postal address, and/or a website, and/or an e-mail address. Editors can also include a short 'Remarks' section with their own messages, and add a general list of publications applicable to their Archive.

Anyone may apply to Register an Archive Name. For instance, in the case of a Clan Archive, you may have a very strong interest in the family name history of your mother's maiden name. On Registration you get a unique Archive Registration Number. If another person applies to Register the same Archive Name they will receive a different Archive Registration Number. It is up to Editors, possibly on their web site, to make it clear to enquirers that their interests are focused upon a particular group of the family name. Some family name groups refer to their area of interest as a particular Sept. Septs are generally taken to mean a family name group who know they can trace their family back to a certain ancestor at a particular location and point in time.

Remember that Archive Registration for a Clan Name doesn't confer any rights of ownership of a particular name! This is similar to the world of publishing where there may be two books published on 'Isaac Newton', but by different authors.

Organisations, other than Clans, applying to be registered should apply with Company, Church or Local Authority Headed Paper, if they wish to assume an official status. All applications must include Full Name of the proposed Editor.

Please note that our Registration Records are stored in electronic files. Under English Law we have to advise you of this fact. If you are unable to accept this aspect you are advised NOT to register. Your details will not passed to any other organisation. Note that our database operations are governed by English Law.

Your Archive Registration is not transferable. The data has been assembled under your name, and you may wish to Copyright your compiled Archive Data File (.mia extension). This is intended to preserve the work, and its integrity, of individual Editors, in a similar way to writers of books. When a significant body of work has been completed, an Editor should consider publishing as hard copy. The MIAHTM software is designed for this purpose.

Memorials are moderately permanent records of peoples' lives; CMIAR aims to ensure that such memorials are well documented and traceable.

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